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A company built for students, by students


Many transportation services prioritize profits over customer service. Here at Kola Kruze, we care about customer safety and building lasting relationships with our patrons. Service and availability is the bedrock of our business. The gap in adequate safety and quality services offered to the public provided the perfect opportunity to make a mark on the rideshare industry. 


Providing commitment, reliability, and comfort are what we pride ourselves on. Meeting different people from unique backgrounds, hearing interesting stories, and engaging with customers means we feel right at home behind the wheel.


We’ve built a steady clientele over our  time operating and have gained experience that allows us to adjust our services to best meet their needs and expectations. Creating a platform focused on college students, young professionals, and downtown Columbia, SC has allowed us insight into the heart of the customer base that most frequents services provided in this industry.



There are countless reports of rideshare experiences gone wrong, and because of this, we want to be the change we want to see in the industry. Our drivers are heavily vetted and have passed background checks. As business employees rather than independent contractors, they are reliable and accountable. With our recognizable logo, you’ll always be able to tell that your ride is with Kola Kruze. 


For Our Customers

We care deeply about our customers and want you to always have a quality experience. We take your feedback to heart - your input directly affects our operations. We want our loyal customers to be reflected in the services we provide.


With Kola Kruze, you are not only able but also encouraged to voice your opinions! Every customer response is carefully reviewed and considered by real people - not an algorithm. We strive for excellence every day, and our ultimate goal is to provide the best experience possible. At Kola Kruze, we pledge to do everything we can to meet your needs and continue to provide you safe and reliable services.  

As seen on Columbia's Leading News Network. WLTX 

Made for students and created by students. Click on the video to learn more about why UofSC Graduate, Marquis Webb, started Kola Kruze.

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As a thank you to our customers, we provide a selection of snacks with every rideshare. Traveling or planning an outing is enough to make anyone hungry, and we want to make sure you’re refreshed and energized! Water bottles and juices, candy, chips - take your pick! And, of course, napkins and hand sanitizer are on hand too.

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